Welcome to the SACT Training Program!

Life-Saving Education

Keep you and your community safe by knowing how to Detect, Disrupt, and Defend against child trafficking.

Self-Paced Training

Our courses are available 24/7 and even saves your progress.

Receive a Certificate

Upon completion you will receive a certification that can be used towards college and job applications or even to receive community service hours.
Change The World

Create a SACT, or Students Against Child Trafficking, Ambassador Program at your school or youth group and help others to spot & stop trafficking.

SACT Training Testimonies

“My Parents never talked to me about this ‘subject matter’ before. I wish I would have known about this course before I entered high school.”

High School
“I was told that I couldn’t do anything about child trafficking because of my age even though it affected my community... until I found PACT. I started a PACT Student Ambassador Chapter at my middle school and then at high school. So, today regardless of your age, you can start a PACT Student Ambassador Chapter and make a difference.”

Middle School
"The SACT training program really did open my eyes to the horrific truths about child trafficking. I couldn't believe that people weren't talking or aware of these horrors."

High School
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